Senior Leadership Team

Donald j Macdonald (Headteacher)
Donald j Macdonald (Headteacher)

Qis 1.1, 1.3 and 1.4 


Line Manager for: 

  • Business Manager 
  • DHTs x 5FTE 


  1. Whole School Self Evaluation 
  2. Cluster Management 
  3. Overview of School Improvement Plan 
  4. Overview of School Standards and Quality report 
  5. Whole school achievements 
  6. Parent Council  
  7. Overview of Staffing 
  8. Overview of Complaints/Feedback 
  9. Representative on JGHS Trust 
  10. School and National priorities and Targets 
  11. School Calendar 
  12. Excursions co-ordinator 
  13. Events co-ordinator 
  14. Discipline Overview 
  15. Finance Overview 
  16. Local Community Links Overview 
  17. Achievement Overview 
  18. Chair of McCrone Group  
  19. Media Links 
  20. Friday Newsletter for school community 
  21. Staff recruitment 
  22. School Improvement Teams – overview 
  23. Liaison with Professional Associations 
David Anderson (Business Manager)

Line Manager for: 

  • Senior Technician 
  • Administrative Officer 
  • Classroom Assistants 
  • Learning Assistants 


  1. School Finances 
  2. School Handbook/Prospectus 
  3. Staff Handbook 
  4. Statistical Returns to Authority 
  5. Immunisation Arrangements. 
  6. FOI coordinator 
  7. Absence Records  
  8. Absence Management (All Staff) 
  9. Management of Purchasing System 
  10. Personnel Admin. 
  11. PRD Overview 
  12. Recruitment procedures 
  13. Property Management 
  14. Health & Safety 
  15. Facilities Management (FM) Liaison 
  16. SEEMIS 
  17. Managing lets 
  18. Fire evacuation procedures 
  19. Staff Induction (Support Staff) 
Deirdre O’Brien (DHT 1)
Deirdre O’Brien (DHT 1)

Year Head for S3 (See Appendix A) 

Qis 1.2 and 2.3 

NIF Priority 1 


Line manager for: 

  • CL Mathematics 
  • CL English 
  • CL Performing Arts  


  1. Literacy 
  2. Numeracy 
  3. Learning and Teaching Overview 
  4. Assessments and surveys (Incl. CEC, Pisa, SNSA, etc) 
  5. Arrangements for staff Continuing Professional Development (CPD 
  6. Child Protection Training and register of staff training 
  7. Alternative timetable 
  8. CAT and in-service arrangements 
  9. Probationers/student teachers Support programme and overview 
  10. Child protection (S3) 
  11. Staff Induction (Teaching Staff) 
  12. S3 Profiles 
  13. Exam leave arrangements 
  14. School Social Committee link 


School Improvement Teams 

  • Learning, Teaching and assessment (Incl. Literacy and Numeracy) 
  • Learning for Sustainability 
Jeff Warden (DHT 2)

Year Head for S4 and S5 (See Appendix A) 

Qis 1.5, 2.2 and 3.2 

NIF Priority 2 


Line Manager for: 

  • CL Modern Languages 
  • CL Social Sciences 
  • CL Humanities 
  • CL Gaelic  


  1. School Timetable  
  2. Curriculum overview 
  3. Child protection (S4, 5) 
  4. Coursing 
  5. ICT Co-ordinator and digital strategy  
  6. School Website 
  7. Exam Leave arrangements 
  8. International links 
  9. Oxbridge arrangements 
  10. Assemblies Calendar  
  11. Scholar 
  12. Neighbourhood HS coursing coordinator 
  13. Staff Rotas 


School Improvement Teams 

  • Wider achievement  
  • Curriculum 
  • Digital Strategy  
Ben Lewis (DHT 3)

Year Head for S1 and S6 (See Appendix A) 

Qis 2.1, 2.4 and 3.1 

NIF Priority 3 


Line Manager for: 

  • SfPLs (x5 FTE) 
  • SfLL 
  • CL HWB 
  • School counsellor 


  1. HWB overview 
  2. External Agencies 
  3. Police Link 
  4. GIRFEC 
  5. Pupil Support Group 
  6. Child Protection overview and (S1, 6) 
  7. Transitions/Inductions/ Leavers  
  8. Prejudice based/bullying overview  
  9. Equalities Co-ordinator 
  10. Rights respecting schools 
  11. Peer Support 
  12. Key Adult 
  13. Pupil Mentoring/befriending/peer support 
  14. Overview of UCAS 
  15. JGHS Trust attendee (Under review) 
  16. S6 committees and Yearbook 
  17. Pupil Voice and Pupil Council 
  18. S6 Leavers’ events 
  19. South Africa Links Coordinator 


School Improvement Teams 

  • Health and Wellbeing 
  • Equalities 
  • Key Adult 
  • Health, wellbeing and Resilience  
  • Scottish Mental Health First Aid 
  • Rights Respecting Schools 
Bob Shankland (DHT 4)

Year Head for S2 (See Appendix A) 

Qis 2.5, 2.7 and 3.3 

NIP Priority 4 


Line Manager for: 

  • CL Design and ICT 
  • CLs Sciences (x2) 


  1. SQA and national examinations coordinator 
  2. Tracking, Monitoring and Assessment (Including: Attainment, Achievement, Inclusion, Attendance and Latecoming) 
  3. Whole School Attainment summaries and reports 
  4. Home study arrangements 
  5. Communications 
  6. Parents’ evenings 
  7. Reporting 
  8. Easter revision classes 
  9. S2 coursing 
  10. DYW overview 
  11. Positive destinations and 16+ 
  12. Child protection S2 
  13. Overview of whole school Attendance and Punctuality 
  14. Overview of Systems (E.g. Attendance, Latecoming and Communication) 
  15. Electoral registration for relevant pupils


School Improvement Teams 

  • DYW 
  • Family Learning 
  • Communications 
  • Planning, Tracking and monitoring 
Laura Stewart (DHT 5)

Inclusion/PEF (3 Days) and Rising Rolls/Darroch (2 days) 

Line Manager for: 

  • Elaine Oram (PEF) 
  • Holly Gordon (Closing the Gap) 


  1. All matters related to the deployment of and reporting on impact of Pupil Equity Fund 
  2. Managing personnel with specific roles related to PEF 
  3. Raising levels of Numeracy and Literacy for Pupils in SIMD 1-4 
  4. Raising levels of overall attainment for Pupils in SIMD 1-4 
  5. Improving participation and wellbeing for PEF targeted pupils 
  6. Improving participation and engagement of parents/carers PEF targeted pupils 
  7. Targeted supported for all SIMD groupings towards ensuring that whole school targets for attainment are achieved 
  8. Coordination of pupil mentoring programme 
  9. Attendance at local and national PEF related events 
  10. Attendance whole school – overview of new policy, track impact (with an additional focus on SIMD1-4, FSM and LAAC).   
  11. Planning for management of pressure on site as school roll increases past capacity. 
  12. Planning for decant August 2022.  Focus on GME and overspill.  Working with school timetabler, Council and GME staff/pupils and parents to plan for decant 1 (Darroch) and future proofing for decant 2 (New school). 


School Improvement Teams 

  • Pupil Equity Fund – closing the gap 


Other Responsibilities (2 days) 

  • Darroch Annex; planning and coordination with Council and all school stakeholders over new campus development. 

You can download the full SLT remits here.

Appendix A 

Depute Head Teachers – Year Head Remit 

(Updated August 2018) 



  1. Setting the tone for the year group(s) – overall expectations and setting standards 
  2. Fostering wider opportunities relevant for the year group 
  3. Year group assemblies and communication of key messages  
  4. Support positive discipline as part of a staged intervention process 
  5. Ref whole school discipline policy 
  6. Lead ‘Year Head Meetings’ with the Pupil Support Leaders and agree on targeted support measures for individual pupils 
  7. New enrolments for relevant year groups 
  8. Designated member of staff for Child Protection for year groups 
  9. Lead on any reports of substance misuse in year group 
  10. Monitoring of overall year group punctuality and attendance, liaising with PSL for appropriate supportive measures.  
  11. Latecoming – ‘duty days’ to monitor lates to P1, P3, P5 
  12. Supervision – general supervision of social spaces during breaks and lunches on duty days as a minimum 
  13. Responses to parental letters of complaint about staff/school 
  14. Attendance at relevant parents’ evenings and whole school events. 
  15. Hosting arrangements with other schools