Capacity Updates 2021-22

Our school roll at JGHS is increasing by approximately 130 next year.  We have an annex at Darroch which is being redeveloped which will provide an additional 15 classrooms spaces.  Due to COVID, this will not be ready until Spring 2022.  Since this information came to light in August we have been working with the Council and School to plan for managing capacity pressures next year.  Information which is relevant to each stage of this is detailed to the right with links to key documents.


We recognise and acknowledge that this situation is unsettling for parents and students amidst all that has happened over the past 11 months. We would prefer to not be in this situation but we will remain solution focused and determined to ensure that all students’ needs are met, and the full range of courses is available to all.  It has taken us the past few months to assess the feasibility and garner staff and Council support for our proposed contingency plan. Pleasingly, we now have staff and resource development planning underway. In the next few months, we will work closely with parents and students to further refine our planning ahead of implementation in June 2021 (*may alter due to the pandemic).


Next steps:


  1. We are setting up a working group of interested S5 students and parents/carers. If you or your child are interested in being a part of this group please email
  2. There will be an opportunity for S5 students to meet and ask questions with both Mrs Stewart and Mr Macdonald on a Teams session on Thursday 8 February at 15.40.  Link shared on the S5 Teams page.
  3. A survey link for all S5 students planning on studying AH courses in 2021-22 will be added to the S5 Teams page so concerns and feedback can be shared confidentially as well.
  4. Responses to questions raised through the Parent Council will be collated and shared.
  5. Subject feedback from departments over how the Flexible Digital Learning (FDL) time will be used will be collated.