Homework Jotters for S1-3

James Gillespies High School

Homework Jotters for S1-3

Dear Parent/Carer,


As you may be aware, it has been our practice in recent years to issue spirally bound A5 homework diaries to all pupils in S1, 2 and 3. Other than pupils who require additional support, all pupils in S4, 5 and 6 are expected to record their own homework and assignment deadlines in a way that suits them. Most senior pupils prefer to use a calendar App on their own mobile device.


In order to better support younger pupils and in response to feedback from parents, we had planned to change to an electronic system (‘Show My Homework’) from August. This ‘App’ allows parents to access what homework has been set.  Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 related shutdown of schools in March, we have not been able to launch this system in August as had been planned.


As an interim measure until we can launch ‘Show My Homework’ in 2021 we will be issuing purple A5 jotters to all pupils in S1,2 and 3 tomorrow (Wednesday 14 October) during their Key Adult class.


These diaries are for noting deadlines for homework and assignments by date for each subject. The specific details of what is to be completed will be added to the class TEAM by the teacher issuing the work. All pupils have been shown how to access their work on TEAMs.


This interim measure will allow parents to support pupils in managing their workload and deadlines. Please note that we do not issue homework to S1,2 and 3 for completion during holidays.


More information on the progress of ‘Show My Homework’ will be shared at a later stage in the session.


Yours sincerely,

Donald j Macdonald