F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools

On Friday 21st February we took students to the Scottish regional final of F1 in schools.

This was our first year competing and we had four teams who entered the development class. Our teams were Team Impulsa, ONAIR, A.L.C.O.B.I and Iconic Racing. They designed, tested and manufactured their individual dragsters to race, with each team also securing their own sponsors, including the University of Edinburgh, Vert Rotors, EdAR and Knockhill. These sponsors not only provided monetary donations, but the teams continue to develop working relationships with these companies.

A record number of teams (24 in total) competed and we’re thrilled to report that our teams won 2 awards in the following categories:

Star quality research and development: ONAIR.
Star quality sponsorship and marketing: Iconic racing.

The students involved were:

D Sydserff

L Acott
L Avery
J De Cremoux
J Dhalenne-Hanger
T Ho
S Khatri-Chhetri
T Mackintosh
F Purves
A Shek
A Williams

M Ball Torokoff

R Allan
S Emmerson
E Griffin
K MacIver
S Mackintosh
R Newman
C Rae
L Robertson
R Stiven
A Sutcliffe
PTenesa Navarro