Online Learning Guidance

The start of 2021 saw a return to online learning, with schools closed once again and the majority of pupils learning from home.

We have learned a great deal since the last online learning period, through feedback from pupils, staff and parents/carers, and have adapted our approaches to improve learners’ experiences.


The wellbeing of pupils still remain a priority, with procedures to identify and support young people who find online learning challenging.

We have identified pupils who did not have a device (other than a mobile) to access online learning and provided many with iPads and laptops.


We updated our online learning procedures to ensure that all classes had ‘live’ access to their teachers, with all classes across all years receiving a minimum of one ‘live’ lesson per week.

NQ pupils from S3 – 6 received additional ‘live’ interactions from their teachers to support them with their coursework.

Teachers upskilled in the use of Teams and delivered more active lessons using this platform, and continue to develop skills throughout the online learning period.

We constantly reassure our young people that there is always someone to help, and offer a supportive framework for all pupils.

We provide lots of advice on how best to use Teams and manage pupils’ online workload.


Although we are still learning, we have come a very long way since March 2020 – this is apparent in the most recent pupil, parent/carer and staff surveys with most agreeing that there has been much improvement over the last year.


We firmly believe that we are in a much stronger position to deliver effective online lessons, and we will continue to strive to offer the best learning experience for all our pupils.


Please find links to recent guidance issued to all pupils  and parents/carers since January 2021.

Many thanks to one of our S6 pupils who created the ‘Online School Survival Guide’ to support other pupils, based on his own experience of learning at home during the lockdown this year and in 2020.