Digital Learning

At James Gillespie’s High School, we aim to support the appropriate and effective use of digital technology within education to give all student learners the opportunity to improve their education and to develop digital skills that will be vital for life, learning and work in an increasingly digitised world.

One key platform that will help us achieve this is Office 365. Students and staff can access or download this software, for free, on home computers and mobile devices.


The council’s Digital Learning Team have put together some useful guides for staff and students that can be accessed here.

When logging in to Office 365, please ensure that you use the following:


Username: (this is your Scottish candidate number)

Password: The password you use to log on to computers at school

Software and Apps

Once logged in to your Office 365 account via a browser, you can download and install the Office apps on to your home PC or Mac.

Simply  click on the ‘install office’ button and follow the instructions.


For more specific guidance, click here.

Students can also download a host of Office apps to their smartphones and tablets that link with their account and allow easy access to files, emails, and much much more.


SharePoint is a new online platform within Office 365 that is used to store resources. Students can access their subject pages under the ‘faculties’ tab and find materials to support and strengthen their learning in the classroom.


Click the icon above to access our SharePoint site, but please note, this is only accessible to staff and students of James Gillespie’s High School. 


OneDrive is a personal cloud space where students can save their work and other materials relevant to their learning. OneDrive links directly with other Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint, allowing for students to easily pick up where they left off, and minimise the risk of losing anything.


Outlook gives students access to their school email account and calendars. We encourage the use of this as it allows for improved lines of communication between students and staff, and more effective ways of managing key dates and events.