Mrs S Saqib

Urdu has traditionally been offered to those pupils wishing to study the language from S3 onwards. Through learning Urdu, pupils will enhance their communication skills across all four skills areas of reading, writing, listening and talking in both English and Urdu. Gaining a qualification at Nat 5, Higher or Advanced Higher Urdu is an indication that you are able to use the language independently in confident and flexible ways. You will also develop a broader vocabulary, knowledge of language structures and develop cultural awareness of the countries where the language is spoken.

Our Courses

National Urdu

This course is taught over two years and covers a wide range of themes including; tourism, health, education, relationships, technology, transactional language, environmental issues and global citizenship.

Higher Urdu

Entry requirements: A minimum of a B pass at National 5 level in the language.


Higher Urdu enables learners to read, listen, talk and write with more fluency in Urdu. Learners also develop language skills of translation, and apply their knowledge and understanding of Urdu. At Higher level pupils will develop their language skills through accessing more challenging materials and covering the following contexts and topics, amongst others:


Society: Family relationships, marriage, gay rights, social media, bullying, health

Learning: higher education, taking a gap year, living and studying abroad

Employability: careers, interviews

Culture: cinema, travel and living abroad

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