Pupil Support

The pupil support structure at James Gillespie’s consists of 5 communities of learners with Pupil Support Leaders overseeing each one:


  • Lauder – Mrs L McQuade & Mrs E Kerr
  • Roslin – Mr B McPhail
  • Spylaw – Mrs T Peters
  • Thirlestane – Mrs C Pearce
  • Warrender – Mrs N Graham & Miss C Garrett

This school, as a community, will provide a welcoming and secure learning environment in which individuals can fully realise their potential in a climate of mutual respect.


·To ensure that each pupil knows and is known personally and in some depth by a least one member of staff.


·To help the pupil be aware of his/her own development and to accept responsibility for it.


·To identify and respond quickly to the specific needs of the individual.


·To foster the development of good relations between teachers and pupils.


·To work well with the home in all aspects of pupil development.


·To liaise with support and welfare services.


·To systematise and make effective the recording and communication of information relevant to the welfare of individual pupils.


We have a responsibility to provide each pupil with personal, curricular and vocational PUPIL SUPPORT, and look after their progress and welfare.


We believe that all staff have a major role to play in the support and personal development of pupils.