Physical Education



Mr G Newall (Curriculum Leader for Health and Wellbeing)

Mr A Carruthers

Mr F Carstairs

Miss C Crosbie

Ms C Ewing

Miss B Macleod



Mrs N Morgan

Mr R Sievwright


Our Active Schools coordinator is Eliot Ambrose

Physical Education is a comprehensive subject, which allows learners to experience breadth and depth in the curriculum.


We aim to provide a safe, supportive and fun learning environment where we:  

Promote healthy lifestyles

- Lifelong participation in sport and exercise
- Active schools/ community sports hub
- Improve fitness
- Mental and emotional wellbeing
- Healthy eating

Develop life skills

- Leadership
- Respect and honesty
- Sportsmanship, etiquette and inclusion
- Creativity
- Positive relationships

Nurture talent

- Provide pathways for pupils
- Identify sports talent
- Develop auxiliary roles
- Self-efficacy and reflection
- Provide challenge

Physical Education also equips learners with transferable skills that they can take on to Further EducationHigher Education courses and employment.  

Our Courses

Broad General Education

Through our Broad General Education (BGE) course we aim is to promote active participation and enjoyment in physical activity and sport through a broad range of activities. The depth of learning can then be taken beyond the classroom, as all our core activities are linked to our extensive Active Schools programme and external sports clubs. 


As pupils develop from 1st-4th level we assess practical performance throughout S1 and S2 using the national benchmarks. The pupils also develop important life skills through cooperating, competing and evaluating theirs and others work in a friendly and inclusive environment. 


In S1 the activities covered are: 


  • Fitness 
  • Hockey 
  • Swimming 
  • Gymnastics 
  • Basketball 
  • Table Tennis or Tennis 


In S2 the activities covered are: 


  • Netball or Volleyball 
  • Badminton or Tennis 
  • Water Polo 
  • Dance 
  • Rugby 
  • Football 


S3 Core PE differs as pupils have a choice of courses that cater to their interests. The range of courses will also lead into a Sports Education model that allows learners to become qualified in auxiliary roles within some of the activities we offer.

National PE

National / Higher PE

Advanced Higher PE

This is highly academic based course primarily aimed at improving the candidate’s interest in developing a deeper and more complex understanding of factors impacting performanceRecommended entry for Advanced Higher PE is an A or B at Higher.  


There are 2 main components of the course: 


Component 1: project (70 marks) 70% of overall grade. 

Component 2: performance (30 marks) 30% of overall grade. 


Structure of the Course: 


The project is the newest element that candidates will experience and will take up the majority of the course. The four stages of this include: project proposalresearchimplementing the Personal Development Plan (PDP) and post-PDP analysis and evaluation 


The performance is then one activity performed against a set criteria. This will require the candidate to perform to a high standard within their chosen activity.  

S5 & S6 Sports Leaders

S4 and S5 Core PE

S4 and S5 Physical Education is a compulsory class which helps young people achieve the 2 hours of physical activity recommended by the Scottish Government. 


This course provides senior pupils with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of physical activities and experience a variety of roles. The curriculum for S4 and S5 core PE follows a Sports Education Model (SEM) whereby pupils will be given the opportunity to follow a structure determined by what interests them. The SEM will also allow them to engage with various roles and responsibilities, which can then lead to qualification and enhance their employability skills.