Mr B Lewis – Acting Deputy Headteacher

Ms A Dolan – Acting Curriculum Leader of Mathematics

Miss D Aitken

Miss J Cholak

Mr P Cummings


Mr A Ebead

Miss E Grant

Mrs E Haldane

Mr D Hoyland

Mr A Morrison

Mr M Kustra

Mathematics is the study of numbers, structures and change. We use it in our everyday lives, and in a wide range of academic subjects, to understand the world around us. By discovering patterns Mathematicians can use logic and conjecture to solve a multitude of problems and make new discoveries.

Our Courses

Broad General Education

The priority of our BGE course is to develop an understanding of core skills. We place primary importance on conceptual understanding of these skills. Our areas of focus are place value, operations on number – including unknown numbers, geometry and statistics. You will be encouraged to see Mathematics as arising out of solving problems, and not just as a collection of discrete knowledge, skills and techniques.

National Maths

Our Mathematics courses aim to help you to learn how to describe, tackle and solve problems which require the use of mathematical knowledge and techniques. In the National 4 and 5 courses you will engage with graphical algebra, a core area of Mathematics that allows you to model and solve a multitude of problems. You will also develop your geometrical skills, including the properties of triangles, circles and three dimensional objects. You will have the opportunity to do statistical analysis using measures of average and spread of data sets.

Higher / Advanced Higher Maths

Mathematics:  You will further develop your graphical algebraic techniques. This will include an introduction to exponential growth, which models so many biological and physical systems. You will investigate the Mathematics of continuous change, which is used to solve a vast array of problems in many fields. You will also develop your geometric techniques to work with lines, circles and other objects in two and three dimensions.


Statistics: The study of Statistics uses the reliable logic of mathematical processes to engage with messy and not totally logical, real world. In a world where information is so readily available, Statistics provides valuable tools which allow data to be analysed and interpreted, risk to be assessed and informed decisions made. If your next steps on your journey will involve analysing and drawing conclusions from data, this course is for you.

Competitions and Extra Curricular Mathematics

There are numerous opportunities to engage in Mathematics competitions and extra-curricular activities. There are individual challenges completed in school, or worked on as projects outside of school. There are team competitions with a variety of entertaining rounds. There is a Mathematics club to engage with problems and prepare for competitions, and many other opportunities available.

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