Miss A Kennedy (Curriculum Leader)

Miss J Forbes (Geography and Environmental Science)

Mrs K Matheson (Geography and Environmental Science)

Mr C Stewart (Geography and Environmental Science)

We study Geography because it helps us to become active and informed citizens who are able to critically compare way in which different societies and cultures interact with, manage and, sometimes misuse the environment within which they live. A variety of themes and case studies will be used to illustrate Scottish, European and worldwide environments and the range of human interactions.

Our Courses

Broad General Education

The S1 – S3 course covers a wide-range of Experiences and Outcomes. Through differentiated teaching methods and a variety of resources, it is anticipated that pupils will finish S2 having achieved Third or Fourth level in People, Place and Environment.



  1. An introduction to skills, using maps for an emergency, climate zones
  2. Scotland
  3. Japan



  1. Water & Wealth
  2. Climate Change
  3. On the Move
  4. Crime



  1. Morocco: a developing nation’s response to climatic change
  2. Resources and Sustainability – “Water Wars”
  3. Urban Geography: Stories of the City


The above S3 course will cover Level 3 and 4 Experiences and Outcomes. Knowledge and skills will be developed to prepare for National 4 and 5 work and some aspects of these courses will begin.

National Geography

Entry requirements: All S2 pupils are welcome to take this course.


Students will build progressively throughout the course on the key skills of collecting, processing and evaluating information accurately.  Fieldwork opportunities will be offered in S3, S4 and at Higher to help students develop these skills. Students will develop skills in analysing information from a range of sources including maps, diagrams and statistical techniques. They will also develop problem solving skills as they are presented with real-life scenarios and are encouraged to work for sustainable solutions.


The following course is offered at National 3, National 4 and National 5.



  • Glacial and coastal landscapes, weather



  • Urban (Glasgow and Mumbai case studies), Rural, Population.


Global Issues:

  • Natural Hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes) Diseases.

Higher Geography

Entry requirements:  Geography National 5 Pass, Nat 5 Environmental Science


The Higher course deals with contemporary issues, through which the student will investigate elements of the environment and study how we respond to our surroundings and over time change them.


Physical Environments:

  • Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere


Human Environments:

  • Population, Rural, Urban


Global Issues:

  • Climate change, River Basin Management

Advanced Higher Geography

Entry requirements:  Higher Geography or Higher Environmental Science


The Advanced Higher qualification in Geography gives learners an in-depth understanding of complex ideas about how the world works. It also gives them the chance to carry out their own research, with an emphasis on fieldwork.


Geographical Skills— graphical and cartographic techniques, statistical data analysis.

Geographical Issues— learners will develop critical thinking and the ability to evaluate sources and viewpoints on current geographical issues.

Learners will also produce a study based on their own research.

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