Roinn na Gàidhlig  /  Gaelic Department

Luchd-teagaisg   /     Teaching staff:


Ms D M MacIver – Curriculum Leader (Acting)

Mr C Methven – Teach of Gaelic

Mr C MacLellan – Teacher of Physics, Maths and Sciences

Mrs D Arnott – Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs R Reilly – Teacher of Gaelic and RME

Mrs M Conroy – Teacher of Drama & Media

Mrs I Molleson – Teacher of Art

Mr A Carruthers – Teacher of PE

Ms J Gibb – Teacher of Gaelic

Fàilte Chridheil Oirbh!


Aig ASG, tha sinn a’ dèanamh ar dìchill foghlam farsaing agus inntinneach a thabhainn tro mheadhan na Gàidhlig do ar cuid sgoilearan.  A thuilleadh air sàr theagasg agus ionnsachadh, thathar ag amas air cùrsaichean ùra, buntainneach agus daingeann, le cuideam air farsaingeachd chuspairean agus daingneachadh cànain.  Tha sinn a’ tabhainn mòran chothroman a’ Ghàidhlig a chleachdadh taobh a-muigh na sgoile, agus tha sinn cuideachd a’ coimhead ri coimhearsnachd Gàidhlig Dhùn Èideann gus na cothroman seo a thoirt am feabhas.


At JGHS, we will aim to provide a broad and engaging education through the medium of Gaelic. In addition to excellent teaching and learning, we aim to be the leading centre in the country for providing up-to-date, relevant and well-resourced courses with a focus on breadth of topics covered and depth of language acquisition.  In addition to our wide range of school-based activities, we look to involve the wider Gaelic community in providing and supporting us in the delivery of a relevant and interesting extra-curricular programme.


The growth of GME in Edinburgh is a huge success story and we work hard to maintain the momentum.  Our ultimate aim is that our pupils will leave JGHS fluent, confident and committed Gaelic speakers.


Pupils study a wide range of subjects through the medium of Gaelic depending on age and stage.  This can include:


  • Geography
  • History
  • Modern Studies
  • Drama & Media
  • RME
  • Art
  • PE


Please see the relevant faculty’s page for further details on course content etc.

Our Courses

Broad General Education

The S1/S2 course covers a wide-range of experiences and outcomes. Our BGE curriculum allows pupils the opportunity to use their Gaelic in a range of engaging and challenging contexts, with a focus on developing a broad and functional vocabulary and accuracy in written and spoken Gaelic.  Through the following topics, most pupils will finish S2 having achieved third & fourth level in reading, writing, listening and talking:




Mi fhèin: me and my world

Ar Laoich: heroes and role models

Feur Buidhe an t-Samhraidh: novel study

Creid e!: S1 RME




An Creanaiche: novel study

Slàn Fallainn: health and wellbeing

An Saoghal Nàdarra: the natural world

Creid e! (2): S2 RME

National Gaidhlig

Entry requirements: Satisfactory evidence of having secured level 4 in most experience & outcomes of the Broad General Education.


In S3 and S4 pupils will build on their skills developed in the BGE. This course is taught over two years and focusses on:


  • the ability to listen, read, talk and write in Gaelic, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context
  • the ability to understand, analyse and evaluate texts, as appropriate to purpose and audience in the contexts of literature, language, media and culture
  • the ability to create and produce texts, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context
  • the ability to apply knowledge of language
  • their knowledge and understanding of Gaelic cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of others

Higher Gaidhlig

Entry requirements: usually a pass at National 5.


Building on literacy skills, the course develops understanding of the complexities of language, including through the study of a wide range of texts, including a novel, poetry and prose. The course gives candidates the opportunity to:


  • develop an understanding of how language works
  • communicate ideas and information in Gaelic
  • use creative and critical thinking to synthesise ideas and arguments
  • develop critical literacy skills and personal, interpersonal and team-working skills
  • develop independent learning
  • enhance their enjoyment and understanding of their own language and culture, and those of others

Advanced Higher Gaidhlig

Entry requirements: usually a pass at Higher.


Advanced Higher Gàidhlig offers learners opportunities to develop and extend a wide range of skills including communication, independent learning, critical literacy, personal, interpersonal and team working, and creative thinking.


In particular, Advanced Higher Gàidhlig aims to enable learners to:


  • develop the ability to express and communicate meaning at a high level of sophistication
  • deepen awareness of language and how it works, taking account of style, grammar, structure and idiom, and local or regional influences on language
  • develop awareness of translating from written English to written Gaelic and interpreting from spoken Gaelic to spoken or written English
  • interact with an individual or group on Gaelic-related issues and engage in individual and group study of topics of a historical or cultural nature
  • apply higher-order thinking
  • develop advanced critical literacy
  • learn independently
  • plan and research, integrating and applying language skills, for a range of purposes including independent study

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