Food And Health Technology



Mrs A Briggs

Mrs J Budd

Mrs F Osborne-Smith

Our Courses

Broad General Education

S1/S2 pupils will learn about food preparation and the life skills required to develop their knowledge of health, food and nutrition.


Pupils will also develop practical skills and knowledge in food preparation techniques and safe and hygienic practices.


In S1 pupils will also have an opportunity to develop their textile / design skills by making a sustainable recycling bag.


In S2 pupils demonstrate their cookery skills in Master chef, a cookery competition to design a healthy main course meal.


This is a practical course, supported by related theory. It enables learners to develop Cookery related knowledge, understanding and skills.


Unit 1: Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes


This unit aims to enhance pupils’ food preparation and cookery skills.


Unit 2: Understanding and Using Ingredients


This unit aims to enhance the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of ingredients


Unit 3: Organisational Skills for Cooking:


This unit aims to allow pupils’ to develop the ability to follow recipes; to plan, produce , cost dishes and to work safely and hygienically.




Pupils’ will plan, prepare, cook and present a three course meal for four people within a given timescale.

Practical Cake Craft


This is ideally suited to those who are interested in the Hospitality Industry as well as those who enjoy baking as an interest.




This will be a practical activity which draws on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed across the course.


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