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Drama is a practical subject.  In Drama at JGHS, there will be an emphasis on skills development and the application of those skills.  Naturally, any student considering a career within the theatre industries will elect to take this subject on for National 5 and Higher.  However, Drama is not just about acting.  The aims of Drama in JGHS are to:


  • Develop creativity and skills in problem solving, critical thinking and reflective practice
  • Communicate thoughts, meaning and ideas when creating drama and using theatre arts, production skills and technologies
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of drama practice
  • Develop student’s confidence to be able to work independently and collaboratively with others to create believable and realistic drama
  • Develop student’s confidence to be able to present believable and realistic drama through acting, directing or production skills
  • Develop student’s confidence to be reflective and evaluate their own work and that of others

Our Courses

Broad General Education

All S1 and S2 pupils receive 1 hour of Drama / Media per week.  Therefore, the time is split between both subjects.  In S1 students will have Drama from Aug – Dec and then change to Media from Jan – June.  In S2 this changes to a unit by unit approach starting with a Unit of Drama (Aug-Oct), changing to a Unit of Media (Oct-Jan) and then finishing with a combined unit (Feb-June).  The courses are aligned to the BGE Expressive Arts, Literacy and Health and Wellbeing benchmarks and offer opportunities to develop skills through a variety of practical based activities.


In S1 and S2 students’ progress from experimenting with movement, expression and voice into presenting scripted drama and then developing and sustaining realistic characters.  Students will gain confident in performing to each other and giving/accepting constructive comments both verbally and through written work.

National Drama

Entry requirements: Satisfactory evidence of having secured level 4 in most experience & outcomes of the Broad General Education.


In S3 and S4 pupils will build on their skills developed in the BGE.  Throughout S3 pupils develop practical skills in creating, presenting and producing drama which culminates with an opportunity to take part in “Diverse-city”, our schools multicultural arts celebration in the final term.  There is scope for personalisation and choice by encouraging pupils to be creative and to express themselves in different ways.  Learning through drama helps students to appreciate cultural values, identities and ideas.


National 5 Drama encourages students to exercise imagination and creativity and to build on their experiences from the BGE.  They develop important skills, attitudes and attributes, including creativity and adaptability, learning independently and as part of a group, critical thinking, enthusiasm, and confidence.  There are options to explore the technical aspects of theatre such as lighting design, set design, costume design or sound design as well as acting.

Higher Drama

Entry requirements: A minimum of a B pass at National 5 Drama and National 5 English is preferred.  However, extra-curricular experience or an interest in the subject will be taken into consideration.


Higher Drama allows students to extend their drama skills developed through the National 5 course. They further develop practical skills in creating and presenting drama alongside knowledge and understanding of historical, social and cultural influences on drama.  They analyse and evaluate how the use of self-expression, language and movement can develop their ideas for drama.  They also develop critical-thinking skills as they investigate, develop and apply a range of complex drama skills and production skills.  The course is flexible and adaptable, with opportunities for personalisation and choice.  This makes it accessible as it can be contextualised to suit a diverse range of needs or aspirations.

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