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Broad General Education

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National Business

The purpose of the course is to develop learners’ understanding of the way on which businesses operate in the current dynamic, changing, competitive and economic environments and to encourage entrepreneurial attitudes.


The main feature of this course is the development enterprise and employability skills; learners will gain a better understanding of the personal qualities and attributes required by people involved in business. This will be facilitated through practical activities which encourage risk taking and decision making, thereby enabling learners to cope more easily in our rapidly changing business environments.


Successful completion of this course opens up a range of vertical and lateral progression routes for learners. These include other National Qualifications and Skills for Work courses. The course may also lead to employment and/or training in various industries.


Aims of the course

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of business concepts in a range of contexts
  • Develop awareness of the processes and procedures businesses use to ensure customers’ needs and wants are met
  • Develop enterprising skills and adopt enterprising attributes by participating in practical activities in realistic business situations
  • Develop financial awareness through a business context
  • Develop an insight into the impact of the economy on businesses and our daily lives, thus gaining economic awareness



Review of classwork
Written and marked work where appropriate



All National 4 units are internally assessed on a pass/fail basis.

Higher Business Management

Entry Level:

National 5 Business Management
Negotiable for S6 pupils who have not studied Business Management. Business plays an important role in society. We all rely on businesses to create wealth, prosperity, jobs and choices. Therefore, it is essential for society to have effective businesses and business managers if they are to sustain this role. This Course will build on the skills, knowledge and understanding gained in National 5 Business Management or, for some learners, can act as an entry to the study of business.


Aims of the course

  • knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on businesses and other organisations to satisfy its needs
  • an understanding of a range of methods businesses and other organisations use to ensure customers’ needs are met
  • understanding of enterprising skills and attributes by providing opportunities to study relatively complex business issues
  • understanding of business-related financial matters
  • an understanding of the ways businesses and other organisations can use resources to achieve maximum efficiency
  • an understanding of the steps taken by businesses and other organisations to improve overall performance and effectiveness
  • knowledge and understanding of the main effects that external influences, such as economic impact and sustainability, have on large organisations



– Review of class work.
– Written and marked work where appropriate.



The Course assessment will consist of two Components: a question paper and an assignment.

Component 1 — question paper (70% of the total mark).

Component 2 — assignment (30% of the total mark).

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