Welcome to the school counselling service!


Your school just opened a counselling service which all pupils are able to access if they wish to speak to a professional counsellor in a supported and private environment about something that troubles them, be it at school, home or elsewhere. Your counsellor will offer you a space to talk and help you understand and process your emotions in a safe way, with the aim of helping you reach a place of more wellbeing.


How does it work?


After being self-referred for counselling or referred via your Pupil Support Leader, you will be invited for an initial assessment session with the school counsellor, Olga Hunter, which will take place in the Room B16 (Bruntsfield House).


After the initial assessment, your counsellor will get in touch with you via your preferred medium (text or email) and you’ll soon be allocated a regular weekly slot for 6 initial sessions, each lasting 50 minutes. Before your 6th session, you and your counsellor will review your work and agree on whether you’d benefit from an additional block of 6 sessions. Most pupils accessing the counselling service will finish after their 6th or 12th session, although if more sessions are needed, this will be discussed between you and your counsellor and counselling will be reviewed in 6-week blocks.


Things to note


  • For those that are below 16, masks don’t have to be worn during the sessions. For those that are 16 or above, your counsellor will ask you to express your preference upon entering the counselling room. If you wish, you can request that both you and your counsellor wear a mask during the session.
  • Please make sure to arrive to your sessions on time but not more than a minute or two before the agreed time to avoid queuing in a small hallway. Feel free to knock on the doors to let your counsellor know you’ve arrived.
  • If you’re younger than 12, we will need to seek your caregiver’s consent for you to access the counselling service and this will need to happen before your initial assessment. Although your counsellor would always advise that one introductory telephone or video session is also offered to your caregivers, if you’re 12 or above and you don’t wish for your parents to be contacted, this will be agreed in the assessment session with your counsellor.


If you want to self-refer…


We have temporally had to put self referrals on hold as one of our counsellors has left the role. We will be recruiting a replacement and when we do we will be able to accept new referrals. Please contact your Pupil Support Leader with any issues you are having.

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